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Publicatie datum: 2018

Editor Simone was a guest at the new Italian restaurant; La Lotteria from The Colour Kitchen. The Colour Kitchen is an Amsterdam based catering concept; they offer people that have a distance from the labor market a new opportunity in the form of a catering study. These new catering professionals gain extensive practical experience in one of the catering companies of The Colour Kitchen, and La Lotteria is one of these restaurants. The chefs use local and seasonal products to help prevent food waste, among other things. The ingredients and wines are organic and Fair Trade as much as possible. The Italian dinner experience was complete with delicious pasta, an amazing veal schnitzel and of course typical Italian desserts: lemon cheesecake and tiramisu. And also the tasteful wines and cheese made way to the table for that extra Italian touch. Of course pizza cannot be missed and also these were a delight for the taste buds with its airy soil. A favorite for not only the parents but also the kids! Fun fact about the restaurant is that it is located in Amsterdam-Zuid, in the building of De Goede Doelen Loterijen which has been awarded as most sustainably renovated building in the Netherlands.