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Publicatie datum: 2019

Editor Simone went on a one-night trip to Ghent, to find the most amazing stores, try out the coolest hotspots and find the most comfortable bed and extraordinary hotel in all of Ghent for a babymoon.

She spent her night at the Pillows hotel in Ghent; Grand Hotel Reylof. While entering the hotel you’ll feel like you’ve just entered a palace. With its marble reception, grand swirling stairs, and amazing, friendly staff. 

With the hotel’s room service, spa & wellness, gastronomic restaurant LOF, and 24-hours casual dining this hotel is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. You can cocoon inside for hours before hitting the gorgeous town of Ghent.

We arrived a little early but this was no problem for the staff, they welcomed us with a glass of champagne in the Living area. Which is the welcome area, bar, lounge, and the ‘domestic kitchen’ all in one.

While sipping on a glass of champagne in the Living, you can already feel the historic heart of Ghent beating. Grand hotel Reylof is named after Baron Reylof and the Living is where the baron wrote his famous poems. 

Once we entered our room it immediately felt like home, with calm music playing in the background and a gorgeous bathroom with a walk-in shower. 

The bed is extremely comfortable, you will wake up feeling like sleeping beauty, fresh and awake like you just had a 100 year during nap.

The hotel is just a few minutes away from the historic center of Ghent, so there was plenty of time to take a walk around the city and enjoy the spa in the hotel before dinner. A small and intimate pool area plus a sauna to warm up properly after a few hours outside. Besides swimming and the sauna, you can also book facials, massages etcetera. There is also a gym to get your daily workout done.