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Datum: 2019

Fotografie: Lobke Leijser / Styling: Jewaria Luu

New mom Jewaria Luu was born and raised in Amsterdam, and also spend a few years of her life living in Asia while she was modeling. She is a mom, vegan, law student, and a big lover of fashion. We love to follow her on Instagram because she is just like us a sucker for anything beautiful. Books, music, clothes, people, and even beautiful architecture, all come along on her Instagram. She is such an inspiring mom, so we asked her the ins and outs about fashion and everything we wanted to know about her first pregnancy.

At the end of July you gave birth to Beaufort, how did you experience your first pregnancy?

It was a very unique and transforming period. I can say that pregnancy really forced me to self-reflect and think about what I wanted in life. I was very sick in the first three months, and kind of hated it. But after the first trimester, I experienced it as something really beautiful. I loved my tiny bump and the fact that I always had a little friend with me wherever I was. Although I had a very easy and lovely pregnancy I’m glad that it’s over. I really missed being fit and energetic at the end of the pregnancy.

You have got an amazing sense of style, can you tell us something about how you dressed during your pregnancy?

Thank you! To be honest, I didn’t have any maternity items during my whole pregnancy. I had a very tiny bump and was able to wear my old clothes until the end. My go-to outfit was a clean-cut shirt with black trousers. Or a maxi dress with a shirt over it.

Describe your ultimate mommy me-time moment.

Very simple stuff, like getting dressed, taking a warm shower, and reading a book. I’m even thankful nowadays if I have the time to cook a proper dinner.

What fashion item does every mom need in their closet?

A nice coat, bag, and funky sunglasses. It instantly conceals the eyebags, pajamas, and spit up all over.

What are your three must-haves for the new season, fall/winter ’18/’19?

A big oversized puffer coat. The one from the new Filling Pieces collection is still high on the bucket list. The new vegan leather boots from Collection&Co and glasses from the new Celine collection.

You recently started a blog, can you tell us something about it?

I always get lots of questions on my Instagram DM. I figured that it was way easier to write articles about topics that were most requested. It gives me the chance to provide everybody the proper information that they deserve. And I love writing.

What are your favorite brands to dress Beaufort in?

I’m a designer girl but funny enough not with my child. They grow so fast that I find it a waste to buy expensive clothes for him. His whole wardrobe consists of HEMA and H&M.

What is your all-time favorite bag?

This is a very difficult one to answer… I can’t choose to be honest. At the moment I’ve been wearing my J.W. Andersson logo canvas bag on a daily basis.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Instagram! I follow so many amazing style icons like Ada Kokosar, Linda Tol, and Oumayma el Boumeshouli.

What about motherhood surprised you the most?

The love you can have for another human being. I loved before, but this is the definition of unconditional love. It’s intense.

Who is your style icon?

My friend Oumayma el Boumeshouli