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Publicatie datum: 2019

Don’t we all just want to go back in time sometimes? To all the glitz and glamour from the twenties. And now a days there are still lots of parties with a ‘Roaring Twenties’ theme. But dressing like young socialites from the twenties, is not going to give you the whole experience. Luckily Floris, will give you the whole experience. The sparkling citrus scent just smells like the time of jazz and wealth. The Fragrance Journals from Floris captures the heart and soul from London, and the important eras. 1927 was the year the first images of a city in between wars were revealed, and might we say it is quite a big deal that these images are in color. Claude Frisse-Greene was the one to capture this footage of amazing famous landmarks around Londen. You’ll find back all the creativity from that time in London, bottled up into this perfume. You will smell decadent aldehydes with a hint of spicy bergamot, and hints of mandarin. Feel how the young socialites flourished in a time of open-mindedness and pleasure, with the scents of violets and daffodils with mimosa. This heart of flowers adds the depth and complexity to this perfume. And finish up 1927 with rich and sensual notes of musk, amber, patchouli and vanilla.

How amazing is it to start your day with a glamorous feeling, even though you might be changing diapers, running around like crazy for the kids; your mind will still feel like you are in London during the roaring twenties.