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Publicatie datum: 2018

It is time for some relaxation, park your hubby in front of the TV, and lock yourself into the bathroom. We have found some products that will make this night all about you! And the best thing about these products? They are pregnancy-proof! Lush knows all the origins of the ingredients, and they carefully select the number of perfume ingredients in the products, so it is completely safe for you and the little one in your belly.

Sounds amazing right?! The best products, and another bonus point: Lush doesn’t use any plastic. Some of their products are even naked, and do not have any packaging at all!

So we can conclude that these products are good for you and the bump, and also not a harm to the environment.

Therapy¿ – massage bar
Okay, maybe you should ask your hubby for this.  Let him massage you with this 100& biological massage bar that softens the skin and calms the soul. This bar is used a lot as an anti-stress massage bar. The carefully mixed essential oils have a powerful uplifting effect. Your brain will get stimulated to develop more serotonin, which will improve the structure of your skin. Lavender balances the skin and calms the soul while sweet oranges will give you that uplifting feeling.

Butterball – bath bomb
Do you experience stress, depression, nervosity? Do you feel angry, panicked, or feared? Then this bath bomb is all you need! One of the ingredients is ylang-ylang, this ingredient is used a lot to reduce those feelings. And besides that, this bath bomb is perfect for dry skin. The pieces of cocoa butter leave a thin layer on your skin, that will give you silky soft skin.